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In the late summer of 2018 two boys from the Czech Republic started developing an idea about a product that would support travel dreams and would be a beautiful design component of a modern interior. By connecting travel passion and sense for design, these two young men have created a metal decoration imitating the world map. The mission of Walltrix is to offer a design product of the highest quality and value to customers, which creates a pleasant atmosphere in their homes or workplaces and reminds them of how big and beautiful the world is and also how easy it is to find oneself on the other side of the planet. Another important purpose is to help the mother nature.

walltrix boys.jpg

Martin Žák

I was thinking about a modern interior design like something that could be breathtaking in the interior instead of a classic painting, etc. I got an idea about a metal world map, but starting a business seemed difficult. I talked about this idea with Jan and he told me that we could make these maps in his workroom.

We have been fired up since that moment and started making prototypes. This process was not easy but now we have the final product ready and an online shop set up.

We have big plans for this project and I hope that every customer will be satisfied. I am very happy that I can work on this project. In January 2018, I wrote up a list of my dreams and one of the first dreams was to ‘have a business with high quality hand-made product’. Now it is reality and I am glad that we also support other projects that help with recovering our planet (every purchase you make supports these projects). I hope that our story will inspire others, because this project is dream come true for me and people should accomplish their dreams. One of our watchword is: LIVE YOUR DREAMS.


Jan Kříž

As a professional sport climber I travel a lot. Sport and travelling are the best pieces of experience in my life.

When Martin told me about his idea of making metal world maps, I was very interested. As a hard worker, I encouraged him to go ahead and make something big out of it – not just dream about it, but turn it into reality.

We have spent a lot of time making it perfect and we have made a lot of prototypes until we were happy with them. Now we have the final product and we are looking forward to sending maps to our customers.

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