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Our decorationS will make you happy



Our metal world maps are original decorations which imitate world atlas and make every interior more attractive and beautiful. Whole project connects traveling, interior design and ecology.

We are a big company with many years of experience...NO I am kidding :) We are just two guys who have always wanted to do something original. Something in which we would put our heart, creativity, skills and our diligence. We wanted to inspire people to travel, to have an eye on detail and to enjoy life. So here we are! WALLTRIX


We focus on every detail in our work to give you handmade products with the best ratio of  quality, appearance and price. We manufacture our maps in the Czech Republic from local raw materials. Our workroom located in Brno is full of prototypes, products in a process and finished products. When we are not in workroom we communicate with customers, B2B partners or we work on social media and public relations.

If you would like to know more about us contact us or read our story. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

About us


Purposeful design

Our maps are designed for the perfect balance between impressive look and high robustness. Easy montage, easy maintenance and wonderful piece of art.

Simply hangeable

Fastening is easy. You will get a poster with points to drill accurate holes for bolts. After installing magnetic stands, the only thing left is to hang the map on it. Is easy to take down the Map and hang it back up, as the system use only magnets.

Eco packaging

We believe that packages should not be a burden to our planet! For example adhesive tape is made from recyclated paper and glue is natural caoutchouc. We use non-plastic wrapping.


You'll support our planet 

We have only one planet to live on. Keep it clean and nice. We have a planet cleaning project! Check it here.

The finest materials

The whole map is made from the finest meterials. It  has a great visual impact. You have 100% quality guarantee. Whole map is made from raw materials from middle Europe.

Excellent surface

Matt black surface is amazing! We use high-tech finishing to increase durability and to get the best visual impact. Surface is made by powder coating which is one of the most superior and eco method.



You can turn lights on and off manually by power buttons on batteries (you don't have to use your phone). 



Two 15000 mAh batteries are hidden behind the map so you can have your map hanged on the wall without cables. However, you will receive two usb-C cables for long time charging from a wall plug (long cable for connecting map to an adapter+wallplug and short cable for connecting batteries together). Also, you can take down batteries and charge it separately.


The map is controlled by your phone. You can change the colours and brightness of the light. Your last setup will be saved so you will have the same setup of light after turning it on. Party mode which uses music beats to change lights is available in our APP. 




Focus while reading on terrace
Pinned photo on metal world map
reading magazine under metal world map xl
metal world map in kitchen
walltrix, smile, metal world map xl
walltrix metal world map with package
walltrix metal world map in white interior
bracelet for travellers
XL Walltrix map
metal world map on wooden wall
Mountains decoration for travellers
hanging walltrix map
yoga time with walltrix map
metal world map in bedroom
stunning interior with walltrix map
metal world map 2 walltrix industrial
metal map with lights
Walltrix map in raw aluminum version
making proces
Beautiful bracelet - mountains
Making proces of bracelet
backstage photo from our workplace